Bear Basin Explore Ride

A Forest Service friend and I rode a trail north of Bear Basin exploring whether we could make a good loop for HBCH.  We started north of Bear Basin about 50 yards down the road that meets the Brundage Road- I think we road maybe 10-12 miles, I could be off a little on the distance.  Some of this trail is very nice, some is very dusty.  We crossed what we think if Wagon Bay creek in a very green pretty spot- photos. The trail has some damage, but is very passible, wide open places with limited views to the east. The few old roads we were on had good footing as did most of the trail with a few scattered rocks here and there. We tried to make a loop but got a little confused so we need to figure out the best way back to our starting point.  Good trail riders don’t get lost, they just get a ‘mite bit confused’- actually we were never lost, but we couldn’t find the connection to the trail that crosses Wagon Bay creek to make a nice loop back to the trailers.  A decent ride in general and better once we make a loop out of it!
By Helen Glidden
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