Hidden Lake

Hello All,

Barb and I rode to Hidden Lake yesterday.  This lake is reached by taking the Brundage road going past Brundage on up 18 miles off of 55.  We parked at Hard Creek horse campground where there were 4 other horse trailers.  This being a Friday, work had seized on the road so we were in good shape.  We did not find out if this road work is going on a Thursday or not.


This trail is a relatively level trail to the lake going through the Hard Creek Basin.  However it does have a lot of rocks and boulders and creek crossings.  Even though the fire came through here last year it only made the grass and wildflowers grow.  The trail except for a few logs is open.  The fire crews pounding the trail made it easy to find.  The views are stunning.  The fire only cleared things out for the better.  Barb and I rate this trail a 5 in difficulty.  Happy Trails JeanHidden Lake (1) Hidden Lake (2) Hidden Lake (3) Hidden Lake (4) Hidden Lake (5) Hidden Lake (6) Hidden Lake (7)

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