Membership / Contact Info

Membership Information

The Membership Dues for individual members is $20 per year, and for families, it is $30 per year.

To join, please print off a Membership form and send it along with your Membership dues to: Deana Wagner, 155 Camas Ln., Donnelly, ID 83615

If you have any question, you can call Deana Wagner @ 208-325-8592

Chapter Officers 2018

President Robert Wagner 208-794-0337 E-mail
Vice Pres Paul Kleint 208-325-8768 E-mail
Secretary Deana Wagner 208-830-2347 E-mail
Treasurer Barbara Chandler 208-325-4549 E-mail
Director Gretel Kleint 208-325-8768 E-mail
Director Linda Hemminger 208-630-3824 E-mail
Alt Dir Helen Glidden 208-253-4708 E-mail
Foundation Paul Kleint 208-325-8768 E-mail
PFC Rep Gloria Pippin 208-741-9000 E-mail
Education Deana Wagner 208-830-2347 E-mail

Public Lands                 Al Becker                       208-347-2346             E-mail