Weiser River Trail Ride

Hi, Helens got some pictures when we stopped at her place in Fruitdale. 
    Joyce Wade and her friend Desi and myself took off from the Wye on on a Sunday, I think it was the 10th of June. I left my trailer there expecting to catch a ride back to it. It was cool and rainy and sleeted on us. Joyce packed her mare and I packed Augustus and Dakota, riding Zorro. The goal was to ride the Weiser River Trail from the Wye north of the evergreen sawmill to Cambridge.  Actually the goal was to ride both directions but reality kicked in. This was a sum total of 60 miles one way. 
    The first night we camped south of the Starkey hot springs on a rocky hillside on the easement of the railroad.  There are not many amenities along this stretch of the way! My sleeping bag was lightweight so I was cold and kept sliding to the bottom of the tent the girls were kind enough to lend me. They used my tarp to cover their gear and I put mine under a big pine with my duster to cover as rain was forecast. The next morning I let Zorro, Augustus, and Dakota graze a few minutes and that is when Augustus decided he was not getting the right treatment. Off he went with the others in pursuit. Thankfully, Joyce and Desi’ horses were tired. So after chasing afoot Joyce went back saddled up and caught them at Starkeys. I was exhausted but rode Augustus the two miles back to camp bareback. 
  We finished packing up and headed down the trail towards Council stopping along the way to visit Helen at her place. Feeling pitty on the boys I stopped along the trail, dismounted and made another mistake letting Augustus to graze on some tall, lush grass. Off he went this time only with Dakota tied behind!  I grabbed ahold of Zorro and Desi took off riding Prince in hot pursuit. About a mile later Desi caught Augustus with the panniers under his belly and Dakota attached. We put that all back together again and continued on down the trail to Council. 
I’m going to send this now and do more in a while….Jean
So we rode through Council and camped along the Weiser River in a lush meadow. 
This area of the ride between Council and Goodrich is gorgeous with white, cascading Syringa and purple Penstemens blooming. Desi remarked that it was fairytale like. We continued on and Joyces brother in law and sister Sandy met us out about twelve miles from Cambridge on their horses. At this point in time my back hurt so bad I would lean on Zorro and he would just lower his neck more. 
But this is where comfort kicked in! Joyce’s family had a Air B and B that slept 5 with a shower and all the amenities!  We had a wonderful hot dinner there and Sandy cooked me eggs the next morning that were in the pack saddle, turned upside down and chased down the trail twice.  
A perfect ending to a long trail ride…..😁
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