2017 New Meadows Parade

Heartland Back Country Horsemen was represented in the New Meadows, Meadows Days, Labor Day parade by Al Becker riding his good horse, Tiger leading a sturdy black pack horse with a chain saw mounted on the pack saddle.  Although Helen Glidden decided to gussy up her mountain trail pony, Lyra, she was representing the club too.  Both Al and Helen followed the Angel Riders, a drill team representing different cancers and raising funds for research- at least two of the Angel Wing riders are HBCH members- Linda Hemminger and Brandy Padgett.  The parade route is straight and pretty short.  The kids loved seeing the horses and we heard comments about a horse carrying a chain saw which just goes to show how much HBCH is appreciated in what we can do going deep into the forest to clear trails.
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