Chapter Trail Challenge 8/16/2017

HBCH met Wednesday, August 16 for an outdoor meeting and a try at our old Mountain Trail Challenge course.  A good group showed up at Al and Holly Becker’s Whitetail Ridge Arena in the morning. We unloaded our horses and put them in pens that Al and Holly have ready for a group- mostly they host McCall Pony Club to use.  Then we gathered for a meeting and lunch. Bob and Deana brought their lovely Tennessee Walker mares.  Jean brought her two paint geldings.  Barb Baker brought her neat little Blazer, Marcus.  Helen brought her little Gum Drop, Lyra.  Gloria brought her quarter mare, Dalley, Linda, Brandy, Cody and Joseph brought four horses that excel in just about every thing- Linda’s Maggie, Paint Summer, and the dun duo,Rain and Sugar. Those boys have become great riders! Joyce brought a friend and her nice paint plus another horse.  Paul and Gretel came for the meeting part of the day.  We had newcomers who want to join us- Jim and Judy Balkins, Bill Schuler and their Dad, Dick.  They had a good time visiting members of our group and Bill even rode with Bob on one of the Tennessee Walkers. I thank Judy for taking a lot of these photos! Al hosted the whole thing- brought ice cold drinks for everyone and set the trail challenge course.  Many of us first led our horses around the course- many photos, then most riders rode in small groups – this was a lot of fun and there were no mishaps. Obstacles included- a mailbox, slicker, several logs of all sizes, an outhouse stop, a course through small boulders, ups and downs banks and bunkers, a rickety bridge, gate to open and a wonderful stream crossing.  The arena was filled with interesting obstacles including a teeter bridge, poles, jumps and various other things.  I think everyone had a blast, the meeting was productive and we all left a bit worn out but very happy, with each rider gaining a bit more knowledge about his horse’s capabilities on the trail and over obstacles, through streams and dealing with many horses along the way.
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