Council Mt Ride

This is how Jim and I went, a little better description I hope:  We parked at the gravel pit on 199 and rode up 198 (Larkspur Gulch) about 2 miles, at which time there was a Y in the trail.  We went to the left and followed the creek which the right side of the trail crosses and goes to the south.  We went more directly east.  There was a pretty nice trail for the most part, but then it went away in a big meadow and we had to make our way through some brush and some wash-outs, crossing 213, eventually connecting to 201.  We ate lunch in a suspended meadow  and had the rocky cliffs to gaze on as well as the valleys below.  We backtracked to 213 and followed it back to the west to 198 and took 198 all the way back.  The pictures I’ve sent have the view from a little trail between 213 and 201.  In the first pictures, the trees you see clumped together, a little below us is where we parked for lunch.  As you can see, we found a really nice grassy place and Smokey had his head down and eating, even as I dismounted.  Ha!

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