Gloria and Helen on a Ride

Gloria Pippin on her little mare, Dalley and Helen Glidden on her older trail horse, Chance took a ride on the Ridge near Fruitvale prix viagra paris.  You can get to the trail from Helen’s house- going down Westfork Road, across the Weiser River bridge then on down to a second Weiser River bridge to a gate.

Gloria was the gate opener while Helen held the horses.  Once remounted they headed into the bottom land toward the high view area of the Ridge.  The bottom land is green with wildflowers and timber, although there was evidence of a previous fire, the trail was in fair shape with good footing.

Past a stock pond the trail opens out in a treeless area with sage and bitterbrush.  Then up an old dirt road to an old quarry with several small ponds where the quarry had been dug out.  This area gives you an expansive view south of Council Valley.  You can see for miles.

The day was on the hot side, but the horses were in good shape. Continuing down the dirt road aways there is a turn off to ride down a rock strewn slope into the coolness of timber and back to the bottomland.  This ride is about a 6mile loop, but there are many trails in the area to make for a longer adventure.

It was a good ride, not too far, Both Gloria and Helen enjoyed the day.Ridge Ride (1) Ridge Ride (2) Ridge Ride (3) Ridge Ride (4) Ridge Ride (5) Ridge Ride (6) Ridge Ride (7)

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