HBCH 30th Anniversary

30th Ride (10) 30th Ride (8) 30th Ride (7) 30th Ride (5) 30th Ride (4) 30th Ride (3) 30th Ride (2) 30th Ride (1) 30th Cake (1)Well hello to All Heartland Members, it was held at the Wagner’s for a short enjoyable ride and meeting and then a BBQ . Date was Saturday, August 20th starting at 9-9:30 am and riding started at a little after 10 am for approx 4 miles. Once back at the house the riders had to side pass their horse to get a flag off the fence and then put it back.

One incident was Larry’s horse didn’t like him holding the flag and got rid of rider and flag, but no injuries, Possibly sore the next day though.

All that attended enjoyed themselves , but sorry for anyone getting stung by those pesky yellow jackets hiding under our deck.

Attendees : Jean & Kevin, Barb & Buzz, Alice, Larry, Barbara, Shirley, Linda, Gretel & Paul, Al, and Deana & Bob.

Charter Members Present : Paul & Gretel Kleint, and Al Becker.

Here are some photos of the event, if you were here and took any please forward them to me to put here.

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