Jean’s Mud Bog

Hey All,

Yesterday, the Barbwires and myself decided to take a short ride up Paddy Flat.  The plan was for just a couple hours or so of cross-country riding.  A little scouting for close by rides.  However this was not in the plan.  The land we were riding through had cattle on it and we had come off of an old logging trail.  In hindsight we should have stayed on the logging road.  However we wanted to get to the saddle and find a nice loop.  So we were following this cow trail and came to this part that just looked like the cows had walked through but turned out to be a bog.  I was riding Augustus with Barb and Barbara riding behind when that sinking feeling hit.  Hard.  Down, down Augustus went.  As he sunk I yelled back at the Barbwires to not come this way and stepped off of him to the edge of the bog.  Now Augustus weighs in over 1500 lbs so this was no small problem.  While this was a bog, with quality’s like tundra with peat moss, it did not take long to find out it also had the qualities of quicksand. The harder we tried the more Augustus sunk.  After an hour of trying to dig around him, removing branches and logs, Barb especially digging with her bare hands and pulling, we gave up.

That’s when we called 911.  They sent a deputy out and he met the Barbs on Paddy Flat, he had no means to help us.  Same with the Fire Department.  They called the Vets, a man with a backhoe.  Finally Barb said call Josh Jones.  Thankfully we had a signal.  Now this still took quite a while as they had to find their gear and get to where we were at the bog….and find us.  In the mean time I cleared off the downed wood so they could get up to where Augustus was.  This was hours folks going by!

Occasionally he would struggle to get out, but only sunk deeper.  My concern was that he would die before we could get him the help he needed.  I was afraid a gun would have to be used to put him down.  I could not get the saddle off as this soil was like grease.  So he groaned and was becoming exhausted.  At that point I was praying to God to send a couple of angels…with a rope.

In the mean time the Barbs are riding around like crazy trying to get some kind of help.  Trying to figure out how to get the Jones back to where we were.  Locked gates came into play as they were trying to drive their truck up.  Finally they abandoned the truck and both got on a four wheeler with two big ropes.  Hey, Call a Cowboy if you need help!!

They attached a rope halter on Augustus’s head and that was not enough as they pulled with the four wheeler.  Then they each ran the rope under, through the mud, and around his belly.  At this point they tied a knot.  The head rope and the belly rope attached they pulled with the four wheeler down the hill.  Pretty soon Augustus, sliding out, was able to get his feet out from under himself and pop up. Yaaaa!

I forgot to mention Josh brought his brother Joe along.

Thank you God!

At that point we got him down to the logging road where we wiped the mud off him and put the saddle on him.  I mounted up and rode him out.  We’ll give that obstacle a 10! Thanks to everyone! JeanJean's Mud Bog (1) Jean's Mud Bog (2) Jean's Mud Bog (3) Jean's Mud Bog (4) Jean's Mud Bog (5) Jean's Mud Bog (6) Jean's Mud Bog (7) Jean's Mud Bog (8) Jean's Mud Bog (9) Jean's Mud Bog (10)

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