Weiser River Trail

Hi Bob, Here is the scoop on a ride Gloria and I did on the Weiser River Trail today, with photos…Photos will come in more than one email… Thanks, Helen…Rainbow
Gloria on Dalley and me on my little Gum Drop, Lyra drove only a few miles from my home to a parking lot near the Weiser River Trail.  We headed out for a nice ride, starting with Lyra’s first time across a RR trestle- easy/peasy.  Yes, the Weiser River Trail is flat as a pancake- needs to be so enormous trains can chug along- but it goes through a gorgeous area.  You might think it’s boring riding a flat trail, but we found it very interesting and fun! It gave both our horses and ourselves a nice workout because we did a lot of trotting, and even a bit of canter for Dalley. We weren’t bothered by the smoke in the air because we were in close quarters with some lovely vegetation all along the trail.  I was happy to see this vegetation was pretty green and not dried out by the heat of summer. The trail goes along the Weiser river- sometimes close enough to go down and get a drink and sometimes above it.  We rode past hay fields, small farms with fainting goats, lush green bushes and other vegetation and through pine trees on either side of us.  The footing is fairly good, like a road, but not as hard. Some parts have gravel, some parts are softer.  We had a blast trotting and Gloria picked up a nice gallop on her lovely mare, Dalley.  We had practice with crossing the trestle, going into the river, seeing a large scary, hairy dog, seeing fainting goats at a distance, opening a metal gate, etc.  We practiced leaving each other, then trotting back with a video camera running.  Most of these photos are from videos and then there are after-ride photos of Lyra enjoying a graze on my lawn. We rode about 8 miles, had a good time and look forward to doing the WRT again.
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